One Year Later, I’m Ready for a New Challenge


Who would have thought a sunny, Sunday morning in March of 2011 would have set my life on a course I never would have expected. March was full of new things: a new job, new friends, and a new workout. I have been an athlete since I can remember. My life evolved from doing flips off of the couch as a four year old to winning my first gymnastics competition to being asked to training for the Olympics (and for the record, my mom wouldn’t let me do it). I participated in four Varsity sports in high school: gymnastics, cheerleading, track, and lacrosse (much to my coaches displeasure). What can I say, I love being active!

Like most girls my age, my idea of in shape and being active was what I read in magazines or saw on TV. In college my workout routine looked something like this: 30 minutes on the ellipitcal (twice a day) followed by some sort of handheld weight lifting (8- 15 lbs barbells baby!). I did kickboxing classes, hour long spin and a “30 minute Butts & Guts Xpress” lunch time workout. Yes, I was toned. I didn’t jiggle in awkward spots and most girls that lived in my dorm or sorority house wanted to know my secrets to success. Success? Let’s see… waste lots and lots of time and energy in the gym and barely have time for school, friends, or a life. Awesome combination right?

Wrong. It wasn’t until after graduation that I really hit a rut. I was utterly BORED by ellipticals and cardio classes were cheesy (yes, I realize the cheerleader just called cardio classes cheese.. ironic right?). I switched it up and tried Yoga, Pilates, and Bar Method, all while avoiding the inevitable. My long time friend and mentor had been doing CrossFit for a few years and LOVED it. All I could see was really, really large barbells and an intense fear my 5 ft 1in body would explode and resemble a ‘roided-up body builder . No, thanks. Not for me.

Wrong yet again. I finally talked myself into attending the open workout at Diablo CrossFit and was nearly moved to tears. Not because the WOD was difficult but because I felt reborn. I was hooked. I made my way through the elements classes as fast as I could because I was eager to join in on the fun (I think I even participated in a regular WOD before they were completed… shhh don’t tell).


I committed to a strict paleo dietary plan and the fat (which I didn’t even realize was there) melted away and was quickly replaced by lean muscle. I was lifting things heavier than me (who would have thunk!) and running faster than I ever had before (remember I was a varsity track athlete…). Honestly, I have never been at the fitness level as I am today – but I am looking to take it a step further.


Recently I have noticed that I am not getting stronger. I’m not getting weaker by any means but I am not progressing. As a one year anniversary of my CrossFitting adventure I have decided to take on a new challenge: introducing Progenex into my training. It is going to be a 30 day trial period complete with before and after photos. My training schedule will not change as I already complete 5 WODs a week, plus incorporate CrossFit Endurance and Olympic weightlifting as well. The only difference will be the addition of Progenex and sticking to my paleo diet. It should be noted I am doing this on my own, without prompting by Progenex.

I hope you follow along with me on this adventure (both here on the blog and on twitter). While you’re at it, pick a challenge for yourself. March 20, 2012 is the official first day of spring, a time of renewal and rebirth (not to mention BIKINI season ladies). What will you “spring clean” in your life?